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your mitts are amazing

5 March 2023

i tuoi mitts sono meravigliosi, ben confezionati e ricamati benissimo. Hai reso il mio acquisto indimenticabile perchè sei una persona attenta e gentilissima.Ti ringrazio e tornerò ad acquistare da te, Mila.

Your mitts are beautiful, well knitted and embroidered in the finest way . You made my shopping experience unforgettable because you are a caring and loving person. Thank you and I will buy again, be sure.

A presto

Avatar for Isabella

Quality Materials, fast delivery!

1 February 2023

Ordered beautiful mittens. They are exaxtly as described! Well made and of great quality. They arrived only a few days after the order was placed. If I ever need something special, this site is the firt place I will look.

Avatar for DvdM

Absolutely the most beautiful things!

18 January 2023

I adore these mittens! They are just exquisite, so, so very beautiful. The ones I ordered were out of stock, so Mila made me a new pair that were even more gorgeous. Lovely communication and information about care for them, too. Highly recommend, if you love beautiful handmade things. These are really special.

Avatar for Tamsin


15 December 2020

Vielen Dank, Mila!

Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit dem Bild “Fliederstrauß”. Ich habe lange gesucht, was ich zum Geburtstag meiner Freundin schenken könnte. Als ich das Bild gesehen hatte, wollte ich nicht mehr was anderes suchen.

Danke, dass Sie mit ihrem Mann dieses Bild so schön eingepackt und schnell gesendet haben. Als ich Geld überwiesen habe, in fünf Tagen ist mein Fliederstrauß Bild zugestellt wurde.

Vielen Dank!

Avatar for Anna


7 September 2020

I bought a blue floral painting,, beautifully painted and lovely… thank you Lana.

Avatar for Alena

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